Saturday, December 10, 2005

Teen Angst and Rocking out

So I am at work on a Saturday, taking care of the few things I didn't get finished up during the week. Which means? My radio is blasting Weezer's Blue Album. I listen to music at work occasionally, but am always concerned that it will distract, but on the weekends no one is else is here.

I don't listen to music as much as I did when I was younger, primarily because my wife hates to have music on. I maybe buy 3-4 cds a yearWhen I was younger I was constantly buying new music, perhaps 1-2 albums a week (a lot of tapes sadly, because they were cheaper). With all that selection, I constantly come back to a few albums that I can listen to all the way through, and indeed feel like I should listen to all the way through. This doesn't mean I consider them the best album. Its just that with these albums I put them on and hardly, if ever, hit the next track button. For example, U2's joshua tree album I LOVE, but I usually skip 1-2 tracks depending on my mood (not that I have to, but just do). So without further ado here is the list

1) Weezer - Blue Album
2) Harvey Danger - Where have all the merrymakers gone
3) Morrisey - Vauxhall and I
4) Aztec Camera - Stray

While I am sure there others, these were the ones that immediately sprang to mind. Why is this? I wonder if they have anything to do with my repressed teen angst that still dwells within my aging body. They seem to tap that sense of sadness and yet have a counter element that makes them not too brooding. Weezer has the rock power, aztec camera - the early nines poppiness, Morrissey, well um... perhaps snarkiness. (a fun teen game was to try and get the DJ to play Panic by the Smiths.. you know the last chorus, repeated like a hundred times).

Give me your thoughts, I would like to explore this issue of adolescent music, the retaining power of music, or just your favorite listen-to-all the way through albums.


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